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Recycling and Waste Management Solutions in London, Kent & Essex

Ensure that your waste is recycled effectively with the help of our professionals is Woolwich, London. The recycling and waste management services that we offer are available in London, Kent, and Essex, and we ensure that waste is disposed of in the right manner. From TV’s to toasters, we safely manage and remove the waste from your premises. Trust in our team to get the job done right.

  • electronic recycling
  • house clearance
  • house clearance
  • Cleared house, waste removal

Safe Disposal

Within today’s society, it’s often cheaper to replace something that to repair it. As a result, electronic equipment such as mobile phones and microwaves often get inefficiently disposed. This results in huge amounts of electronic waste. Count on our dependable team to provide effective commercial and house clearance services. All electronic waste is recycled appropriately, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Serving the Community

As we serve quite a large area, we often receive calls from private landowners that have discovered rubbish on their land. This is mostly due to fly tippers that feel the need to dispose of their rubbish where they please. At PD Clearaway, we do not stand for this practice. Holding a waste carriers licence and insurance proves that we care about the communities that we work in. Searching through all unexpected rubbish, we try to locate proof of where the item came from. You are then able to take the form to the local authorities to prosecute and force the original owner to pay us. Promoting community spirit is very important, and we always try to help where we are able.

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