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Rubbish Disposal Specialists in London, Kent & Essex.

As a cost-effective garbage disposal and collection service in Woolwich, London, we offer a bespoke solution to all your waste removal needs. Many people would normally hire a skip for this service, however we believe that our option is more efficient, less costly, and a better experience overall. Don’t waste time trying to hire a skip. Request the services of our company and watch as your rubbish disappears.

An Optimum Experience

Don’t spend your precious time organising a skip hire when our experts are available. Arranging delivery dates and is incredibly time consuming, and you may need to arrange a skip permit with local authorities that can take up to 14 days. Once the skip arrives, you need to arrange for someone to be present at the property for payment and skip placement. You are then solely responsible for the skip. Once you’ve gathered up your rubbish yourself, you then have to ring the company and wait a few days for collection. This incredibly costly and wasteful task is one of the reasons why it is better to use our removal services. Your rubbish is fully dealt with by our experts, and there are no costly skips involved.

A Thorough Disposal Service

As we are in possession of a waste carriers license, we are able to carry and effectively dispose of all waste regardless of volume. As a business, you are able to dispose of waste yourself, however it has to be at a local recycling centre or waste transfer station. If you turn up in a commercial vehicle, they charge you accordingly. You need to have a waste carriers license in order to carry any volume of rubbish. If you don’t, your business may be fined up to £5000. Don’t take that chance. Utilise the services of our company and effectively take out the trash.

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